The Barn Goes Up

Putting up a barn is pretty stressful.  It does involve a lot of heights and the occasional sensation of a building moving in the wind.  I’m not a brave soul when it comes to that kind of thing, but with the help of friends and family we have finished the timber frame of our new barn.


It’s amazing how perfectly the barn fits into its new spot.  It is visible from the road, sheltered by trees on all sides, blending in to the property.  You can start to see how the whole picture of pond, barn, and new driveway will work.

The area where the barn used to be has continued to flood into a pond every time it rains, which explains why the building was sagging before.

ImageWe plan to have doors on both ends so you can pass though easily.  The front doors (the side which is facing you in the above picture) will have a sliding ramp for driving and storage underneath.

We were able to fit together the pieces largely by hand with a small hatchet, chainsaw, and some strapping.  We’ll finish with some extra strapping now and then let it rest for the summer before completing it with siding and shingles in the fall.


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