As the Garden Grows

Things are looking pretty good here this spring!  A few days from now it will be the first day of summer.  Contrary to the old adage, however, I do not think my corn will be knee high within two weeks.  In fact I was looking at some pictures from May of last year, and my garden is almost exactly a month behind in growth.  I simply could not plant until later because of the cold, wet spring we had here in Maine.


The only plants I am worried about at this point are our peppers which look healthy but haven’t really grown at all.  Our potatoes are absolutely flourishing, they first appeared only a week and a half ago and already they’re the bushiest plants in the garden.  I even had four potato plants pop up in the spot I had them planted last year!


But while the main bed is looking good, it’s the upper pumpkin patch which is really shining.  Everything is up and growing heartily.  I’ve planted so many of each type I have up there, I feel we will be overrun when they start to produce.  The upper bed gets better sunlight although when it rains it does hold the water more.  One thing I like about it compared to the main garden is that it’s not on a slope, so I’m not compensating for that when plotting out where everything goes.


And so far no signs of bugs or pests (touch wood).  The only thing making holes in my plants are the occasional chicken beaks.  I have seen a few of the huge, brown moths which mother the tomato horn worm, so I am inspecting each tomato daily for any signs of worms or eggs.

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