Moving Outside

The Peepers have gotten a lot bigger since the last time I wrote about them!  They are now spending their days outside, although they still come in for the safety of their box at night.  I’ve always been rather fond of the awkward teenage stage in chickens, when the feathers start filling out and personalities become clearer.


Although Big Red doesn’t like them much, she’s the only full size hen they have to contend with so the integration has gone smoothly.  Little (Papa) Roo still adores them, and Yeti does not seem to care one way or the other.  It’s been the perfect spring weather for chicks to romp in the lawn and dust bathe in the flower gardens.  I have been able to watch them all week, otherwise I wouldn’t let them free range so much.


I am afraid I do have some roosters on my hands.  Two chicks are definitely males, with another two questionable.  If we have roosters we should be able to give them away.

It is fun to see everyone playing and getting along, the farmyard flock taking shape.  This weekend we are going to start work on a new coop, a more permanent and larger design which should be better for the winter.  I am also planning to attend a local chicken swap over the weekend – because you can never have too many!


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