Growing Fast

The garden is starting to bloom.  Although the peas aren’t up their fence yet (last year they were producing at this time), the eggplant has beautiful purple blossoms on it which will soon start turing into fruit.  We did not have an issue with bugs this year, which was a problem last year.  I sprayed with the mixture I used last year a few times just to be on the safe side.


Also starting to blossom are the tomatoes.  I’ve got a very close eye out for tomato hornworms, which decimated my crop last year.  This year I have plans for lots of sauces and pastes, so I don’t want to lose any of my plants!  I see the tomato hornworm moth frequently, which is not a good sign.  The two little worms I found were quickly gobbled up by our chickens.  At this point in the year, though, it’s better to inspect for the small, white eggs and get them before they become a problem.


The health of the garden is really encouraging.  It looks like this spring’s efforts are paying off, and we can finally take a step back and watch it grow.


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