So You Want to Build a Chicken Coops

We had outgrown the little A-frame coop which we built last year.  Although it weathered the winter, it was small for the amount of hens we have growing up this year, and since we were not taking advantage of its mobility, it made sense to build a larger, more permanent coop.


Here’s the goose house which we built last year from the floor of our old barn.  It’s under our kitchen window and looks in on our porch.  We decided to build the new chicken coop around it.  There were few reasons behind the choice – first, we can just walk out to the porch in bad weather and collect the eggs without going outside.  Second, similar to the goose house we used windows on the inside, so you can easily watch the chickens from the porch.  It might seem frivolous but it has already provided days of entertainment.


There is a sitting area and nesting boxes above the goose house, under the roof, and slanting roosts outside that.  There is also a long run which the chickens can stay in if they are no free ranging.  Because our silkie rooster, Yeti, can’t really fly, we also took a panel from the side of the goose house and created a ramp between the two which the geese can’t fit though, but any chicken can.


We’ve now shingled the roof, and we’ll be painting it to match the house.  We have been able to make nearly the entire coop by recycling the pieces from the old A-frame, except a few pieces directly from the porch – no purchases necessary.

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