Garlic Harvested, Looking Forward

I took in our garlic plants over the weekend.  It wasn’t a huge harvest since I only planted three cloves last fall, but they look good.  This fall I will be planting a lot more.  Garlic is incredibly easy to grow, my only real effort was planting it in the first place.  It was also easy to plant around it this spring, so it doesn’t take up any extra space.  And it is certainly yummy!


Everything is starting to ripen in the garden.  As I mentioned at the beginning of the season, I am about four weeks behind previous years and a few weeks behind most other gardens in the area.  Our peas and cucumbers are ripening now and it will be a busy week or two figuring out what to do with all the cukes.  I will be pickling some, but also plan to try a few new recipes which I will post here.

tomato plant

This weekend we had some heavy rain here in Maine.  It has been a lush summer for gardening with regular drenching rains following but warm, sunny days.

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