More Stone Work

You can really never have enough stone walls, right?  We are fencing in our upper garden area with stone walls in the same locations as broken down ones from years ago.  These walls will form a shape for our future, expanded garden and greenhouse area as well as were the goats will romp.

stone wall

Our old rock walls look out over the neighbor’s field and the upper garden and surrounding area and receive glorious morning sunlight and sunshine throughout the day.  These walls which look upright in the pictures were completely crumbled only a week ago.

wall in the morning

We also have cleared out most of the brush and will continue to smooth out the pasture area.  The stone walls are being expanded to form a gate and we will also be doing fencing inside as well as, at some point, a green house in there.  It is looking elegant and moving rocks is a great way to get excersize as the weather starts to cool off!

rock wall

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