Winters in Maine

Here on the midcoast we are just digging out from a megastorm that dropped about two feet of snow.  Fortunately our little farm weathered the blizzard with no damages.  Maine’s seasons allow for a break in garden work and time to plan for the coming summer.  There’s not a lot of outdoor activities to do … More Winters in Maine

So You Wanna Get Some Chickens?

Backyard chicken keeping is trending.  As people turn towards homesteading, self-sustaining, and do it yourself natural approaches to their food, chickens are the first creature on their lists.  Since chickens were first domesticated in China over 10,000 years ago they have provided humans with a the perfect combination of meat, eggs, and companionship. In keeping up with … More So You Wanna Get Some Chickens?

How to Stay Warm

It is hovering around 0 degrees here in Maine this week. Our farmhouse was built in the 1700s by a ship’s captain.  Although we have a whopping total of five fireplaces, only one is active.  We keep our den warm and heat the bathroom and kitchen, when particularly cold, with electric heaters to keep the … More How to Stay Warm