Winters in Maine

Here on the midcoast we are just digging out from a megastorm that dropped about two feet of snow.  Fortunately our little farm weathered the blizzard with no damages.  Maine’s seasons allow for a break in garden work and time to plan for the coming summer.  There’s not a lot of outdoor activities to do when it is blowing ten below!


For a storm like we had on Tuesday, you do have to keep up with the drifts.  Geese in particular can’t chew their food without water, so every few hours you have to go out and make sure that their water is open and uncover their food if it’s been covered up with snow.  Chickens are a little bit easier keepers, they stayed inside the coop entirely and have a heated water bowl.  All you need to do is make sure their bedding is deep and everyone looks comfy.


I have been taking advantage of the days to plot out our spring garden.  We are looking at increasing the size of our vegetable garden significantly, and turning the lower bed into an exclusively herb garden.  This means a lot of planning and plotting out garden designs, and what plants to focus on.

We are also looking at additions to our animal friends (as always).  I’ve been studying up on bees and goats, and have already ordered some spring chicks.  The chicks will arrive in May, and will require a rebuilding of our current coop, and/or moving the geese to a new location.  This is all in addition to our planned projects of finishing our pond, moving the driveway, and completing the barn.  It’s going to be a busy spring!


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