Looking Forward to Spring

With four feet of snow building up, it’s certain to be a long, wet spring.  The homestead is expanding, and we are getting ready for a lot of projects and new plants and animals coming to our farm.

Our first major change will be with the garden beds.  The front bed, which is fairly shaded, is becoming a dedicated herb garden.  We have plans for growing various herbs for tea and cooking, most of which I have not grown before.  Meanwhile our vegetables are moving up the hill to where our “pumpkin patch” was last summer.  We are enlarging that bed nearly triple and putting all the veggies there, along with a new beehive.  It should be the ideal spot for summer days.


We have plans to remodel our existing coop, also, and move the geese to a new location.  This is in addition to the final build on the barn, completing the pond, and moving the driveway.  Our coop remodel is based on plans for more chickens this spring – because you can never have enough chickens.

Hauling water to the grumpy geese in piles of snow does get a little tiresome, but it is a great time to slow down and make plans.  Soon we will be building hives and coops, and getting ready for chicks.  Meanwhile, we are doing plenty of shoveling.  Carrying water out for noisy geese reminds me every day of the people who’ve struggled through northern winters with animals before us, and especially those who survived when our country was first being settled.  It does make the piles of snow and attitude from ungrateful geese much more bearable when you focus on those who didn’t “homestead” for political or personal reasons, but did it because there wasn’t another option.


What is most exciting about our spring plans, besides buildings and project resolution, is the amount of new things coming to our little farm.  As I mentioned we are looking forward to bees arriving in April, and I plan to post about the hive building before they arrive.  In May, the new chicks arrive, all new breeds that I haven’t had before.  And this July we will be taking a class on goat care to prepare for the even more exciting arrivals next year.

tractor and walll3

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