Spring is on the Way

This past weekend I walked the back area where our summer garden will be planted.  It’s pretty hard to believe looking at the piles of snow still on the ground that soon we will be tilling up some sod and expanding a vegetable garden in this currently covered area. Once the snow is gone and the ground thawed it’s time to get started on planting, as long as the nights are above freezing and the earth is not too soggy.

86 This upper area is where all of the vegetables will be going, along with our bees when they arrive.  Much of our property has overhanging shade, but this area is easily the sunniest area on our land and last year I grew all of my cucurbits up here.  This summer we will be doubling the size of this garden bed and it will become home to everything including tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, beets and more.  Our garden had a pretty good variety of plants last year, but I’m looking forward to new species of plants I’ve tried before and more heirloom and unique types.

Because of temperature and timing issues at our home, I am not planning to start many seeds this spring, but instead focus on developing these beds and then either straight sowing, or purchasing started seedlings.  I want to make sure that the area is well cultivated and the soil is at its richest so that this can be a prime area for a vegetable bed for years to come.

88 Meanwhile, the snow is a bit deeper in the spot that used to be the vegetable garden.  This year it’s going to be dedicated to herbs, flowers, and spices.  Planting veggies – especially the kind that hang off the vine – in a spot this close to the chickens has not proved fruitful.  This garden is already fairly well developed and will just need a bit of turning of the soil to be ready for planting.

Both beds will be getting spa treatment once they are ready so that the soil is fresh.  I’ve never mulched heavily before, but this year I indeed to do a lot of prepping before planting.

It is definitely hard to believe that it will only be a month or so before it’s planting time.  If you live in a region with distinct seasons like Maine, this time of year tends to be all or nothing.  There’s very little that can be accomplished outside at the moment, but as soon as the snow is gone and the ground is thawed it will be a mad dash to get everything done in time.  But after a winter like this one, it’s easy to look forward to that made dash.

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