Pickled Eggs Two Ways

Do you have too many eggs on your hands?  A great way to use a batch of eggs quickly is to pickle them.  Pickled eggs are extremely easy to make up and are a yummy, nutritious snack that can be enjoyed as a side to a meal, on a sandwich, or as a treat by themselves.  You can keep a jar on your counter and always have a snack at hand.


I’m going to share a couple of pickled egg recipes here, one for a classic variety turned spicy and the other for a splash of color.

Before you can start pickling you will need to hard boil your eggs.  Since this recipe is easily altered for a smaller or larger batch, you can cook as many as you want.  After hard boiling, soak the eggs in ice water for easy peeling and prepare mason jars in the size you’ve selected, then you are ready to pickle.


What You’ll Need for Classic Pickled Eggs

1 dozen eggs, hard boiled

bottle of distilled vinegar

1 onion, thickly chopped

1 tsp. pickling spice

1 tablespoon black peppercorns

1 bulb of garlic, whole and peeled

1 cup jalapeno peppers and their juice

1 tsp. cayenne pepper

Layer the ingredients in a mason or pickling jar.  Ideally, alternate between ingredients so that they balance well.  Once the jar is full of eggs, onion, spices, and garlic, pour the vinegar into the jar until it completely covers all of the contents.


Leave refrigerated for at least three days before eating.  The longer they are left, the more full the flavor becomes, so if you like them extra spicy, leave them for longer.

This recipe is pretty flexible and you can play around with less hot spices or different additions depending on your taste.  I have also tried it with pickled red peppers for a more mild version, and have made it without the cayenne for an in between level of spice.


What You’ll Need for Beet Pickled Eggs

1 dozen eggs, hard boiled

bottle of distilled vinegar

1 jar of pickled beets and the juice

Layer your ingredients in a mason or pickling jar.  This should be easier as their is less variety.  Pour in the vinegar and make sure it covers all of the eggs entirely.


Leave refrigerated for at least three days before eating.  They won’t get remarkably better if left longer, but the color will become more intense and that is half the fun of these treats.  You can add hot spices such as cayenne to the beet recipe also, if you like it spicy.  Pickled eggs will keep for 1-2 months or longer if left refrigerated.


3 thoughts on “Pickled Eggs Two Ways

  1. I’ve tried this, but got a bit weirded out by the white layer on the bottom of my jar…like the eggs were dissolving a little? Now that I’ve done more fermenting and have a grasp on safe and not safe, I should try again. 🙂

    1. Interesting! I’ve not noticed that yet, but I only picked mine about a week ago. I don’t know if that would have anything to do with it. I pickle veggies a lot so I used the same techniques.

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