What To Do With Too Many Eggs

Spring chickens got you overrun with eggs?

There’s a lot more cooking options with eggs than the regular fried or scrambled varieties.  If you hard boil a batch of eggs they will keep about a week, and you can hard boil an egg that is up to a month old.  You can also make more specific treats from hard boiled eggs, such as deviled eggs and egg salad.

In addition to scrambling, poaching, steaming, baking, and soft boiling you can also check out our recipe on pickling eggs from a post last week.  You can make pickled eggs with all sorts of different flavors and styles.


Did you know you can also freeze raw eggs?  You do so by separating the whites and yolks and freezing in a container or ziplock bag.  Adding a pinch of salt or sugar to the yolks will help to keep them fresh in the freezer.  Frozen eggs keep for up to a year and just need to be thawed overnight to be ready for a recipe.

There are hundreds of recipes that call for lots of eggs, from breakfast to dessert.  You can whip up pound cake, frittatas, egg soup, eggnog or quiche.  Eggs are also a critical ingredient if you want to try homemade mayonnaise.


Not only are eggs themselves a versatile ingredient, but egg shells have a hundred uses as well, so don’t just toss them out!

Egg shells are great to put into your compost, although they break down slowly they are a great source of nutrition for your plants.  Additionally, egg shells are full of calcium which is wonderful for your chickens’ health.  Make sure you crush them up well before feeding, as feeding recognizable egg shells leads to egg eating hens.


There are even some more crafty options for egg shells, such as compostable seed starters or decorations.  You can spread egg shells in your garden to prevent slugs and snails from getting to your plants.  The smell is also said to deter deer.

And a dozen eggs make a fantastic party or housewarming gift, or you can sell them to friends or passersby.  Very few will refuse a farm fresh, free range egg.

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