Goings on Around the Farm

It has been a busy spring so far and we are getting started on a lot of projects that will carry through the summer months.

backwallAs I’m sure you’ve seen we did have our first colony of honey bees arrive over a week ago and installed them into our top bar hive.  The bees are doing well and starting to build comb as the weather gets warmer.

We also have a batch of baby chicks coming in about a month, including several new breeds that I have not had before and a few additions to some of the breeds I particularly enjoy.  Although we do get enough eggs, I am very fond of rare and unusual breeds so most of the new chickens will be decorative as well as egg laying.

We plan to til up the beds this weekend and have compost on the way to enrich the soil.  Our planflowers is to complete our pond and driveway and the barn which we moved over last summer, in addition to expanding the vegetable garden and possibly starting to offer some of our veggies in a farm stand for the first time.

We are also cleaning up our flower beds, mulching and raking, and over the summer doing a lot of preparations for goats next spring and honey in the fall.  Soon our entries should be full of sprouting plants, baby chicks, and everything in full bloom.


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