Ready for Planting

Tilling up the new bed
Tilling up the new bed

This past weekend we tilled up the new and existing garden beds in preparation for planting.  Our upper bed, which will be home to all of our vegetables this year, is nearly tripling in size.  It is prime soil, once used to graze cows and sheep.  We also added a truckload of fresh cow manure as compost, a laborious activity but one that will prove to be worthwhile when we have happy plants.

The lower garden bed was mulched with our chicken’s compost all winter, and tilled up beautifully.  Good soil is key to a healthy garden and we are putting some work into making sure our beds are ready this year.

feetOur next step is starting to create the various beds and put plants and seeds in them.  Even though it was only a few weeks ago that we had snow on the ground, at this point it is safe to plant things like potatoes and peas, and it is always a good time to clear any rocks and roots out and get the basic pathways settled.

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