A Harmonious Flock

Keeping a flock harmonious is an ongoing challenge on the farm, especially if you have a lot of birds or a wide variety of species. To keep any group of poultry happy, the first thing to consider is the male to female ratio.  Here’s a handy breakdown of the appropriate male/female balance for various farmyard … More A Harmonious Flock

Braised Cabbage

Cabbage is a very versatile vegetable to grow and it pops up in all sorts of recipes.  Braising your cabbage is a delicious way to enjoy this vegetable, and you can use the results in all sorts of places such as sandwiches, casseroles, or just plain with salt and pepper. What You’ll Need: 1 head … More Braised Cabbage

A Poultry Glossary

Some of the words we use with birds can be a bit confusing, especially for those just starting a backyard flock.  Here are some of the terms you’ll hear often, and a few of the more unique ones as well. Bantam – A smaller variety of poultry.  Some chicken breeds are available in both a standard … More A Poultry Glossary