Helpful Herbs: Catnip

You may grow it for your cats or just because it’s such a hardy little herb, but did you know that catnip also has a lot of benefits for human health?  This exceptionally easy to grow perennial thrives in almost all conditions, and can be left alone to grow wild or be regularly cultivated for a … More Helpful Herbs: Catnip

Rainbow Carrot Cake

The first step in making rainbow carrot cake starts in the spring.  Purchase and plant Rainbow Carrots: these fantastic carrot varieties produce a wide range of colors including purple, yellow, white, red, and orange.  They are fun to grow (you grow them just like normal carrots) and can be found at most seed suppliers these days.  Once … More Rainbow Carrot Cake

Helpful Herbs: Sage

Sage is a beautiful decorative plant and has been used for medicinal and culinary purposes for centuries.  Since the Middle Ages, sage has been cultivated for its many useful qualities.  It is a hardy perennial that comes in a variety of colors making it both decorative and helpful. You can start sage from seeds outdoors … More Helpful Herbs: Sage

Urban Garden, Small Scale Farm, or Country Living

So you are thinking of “homesteading”?  Before you till up your front yard, purchase a hundred acres, or – most importantly – invest in any farmyard animals – stop and think about what you want to get from farming, and the pros and cons of doing so in your situation.  Farming is not for everyone, … More Urban Garden, Small Scale Farm, or Country Living