Meet Our Geese

After the popularity of our recent The Chickens of Our Farm post, which introduced everyone to the various idiosyncrasies of the hens and roosters on our farm, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce our geese.  We have seven geese on the farm at the moment, representing five different breeds. Like chickens, a goose’s personality … More Meet Our Geese

Helpful Herbs: Arnica

A little plant that packs a punch, that is arnica.  This incredibly helpful little herb is a major healer, and it grows like a weed – probably because it was a mountain and marshland weed for centuries before becoming part of our herb gardens. Mountain arnica is a hardy plant that can be grown easily in … More Helpful Herbs: Arnica

Helpful Herbs: Anise

Anise, or aniseed, is a pretty, easy to grow flowering herb with a distinctive odor and a boot-load of benefits. Sowing anise in your herb garden will give you a tall, leafy plant that bears beautiful, small yellow flowers.  Typically grown from seed, anise likes full sun and well drained soil.  Anise is not cold … More Helpful Herbs: Anise