Wintertime Planning

  When you’ve got livestock, even just chickens and geese, there’s no real off season.  Animals require attention year round, 24/7, and even more so when the weather freezes.  Nonetheless, winter does allow us to unwind from the tasks of weeding and harvesting in the garden, and having a few hours of the day to … More Wintertime Planning

Progress on the Barn

As the New Year fast approaches, it is definitely time to get excited about our projects for 2016.  There’s no doubt it will be a crazy, busy year, but it’s satisfying to know that we have already made great progress on many of the projects that will define the next year for us. The barn rebuild has … More Progress on the Barn

New Ventures

My partner and I have been searching for property off and on for the past few years.  We have known that we wanted to expand our farm and take another step towards a different lifestyle.  With a limited budget and a few specific criteria, it took some time for us to find the perfect place. … More New Ventures