More Stone Work

You can really never have enough stone walls, right?  We are fencing in our upper garden area with stone walls in the same locations as broken down ones from years ago.  These walls will form a shape for our future, expanded garden and greenhouse area as well as were the goats will romp. Our old … More More Stone Work

The Barn Goes Up

Putting up a barn is pretty stressful.  It does involve a lot of heights and the occasional sensation of a building moving in the wind.  I’m not a brave soul when it comes to that kind of thing, but with the help of friends and family we have finished the timber frame of our new barn. … More The Barn Goes Up

Raising a Barn

We are starting to put the barn which we dismantled back up in its new location.  Rebuilding the timber frame structure and raising it up is going surprisingly quickly. (Please note Little Roo cocka-doodle-doing in the foreground of the above image!) We were able to reuse the full timber structure, although not the siding or … More Raising a Barn

More Stone Walls

To finish off our stone wall projects we are now working on a slight terrace in front of the house.  Our home has a slight hill in the front yard and one of those traditional New England front doors which is not frequently used.  The shape of the lawn in the front is perfect for … More More Stone Walls