Helpful Herbs: Thyme

An ancient herb that will thrive in most conditions, thyme is perfect for a hobby gardener.  It can be used in cooking, for medicine, and for various other benefits, and its only disadvantage is that if it’s healthy it will spread throughout your garden.  Depending on how you plant, this can be an asset since it … More Helpful Herbs: Thyme

What a Coop Needs

We recently redid our chicken coop for our ever expanding flock of fourteen chickens.  We’ve had three chicken coops now and have learned a lot in each rendition about what to consider when building. You’ll Get More Chickens I didn’t think I’d have fourteen chickens within a couple of years of building our first coop, … More What a Coop Needs

Helpful Herbs: Garlic

You might not think of garlic as your typical herb, but with all of its benefits and its hardy qualities, it can be included in the medicinal garden of any aspiring herbalist.  With minimal effort you can get enough garlic back from your garden to cook for the rest of the year, and the inclusion of … More Helpful Herbs: Garlic