Wintertime Planning

  When you’ve got livestock, even just chickens and geese, there’s no real off season.  Animals require attention year round, 24/7, and even more so when the weather freezes.  Nonetheless, winter does allow us to unwind from the tasks of weeding and harvesting in the garden, and having a few hours of the day to … More Wintertime Planning

Helpful Herbs: Ginger

It may surprise you, but the spicy, soothing ginger root is something you can grow for yourself in your garden.  If you’re in Zones 7 or higher (approximately Maryland south) you can grow ginger in a herb garden, but even if you’re up here in the Northeast you can cultivate it indoors or in a greenhouse. Ginger … More Helpful Herbs: Ginger

Helpful Herbs: Mint

One of the most ubiquitous and easy to grow herbs, mint is a wonderful way to get started on a herb garden.  Helpful, fragrant, and requiring little attention, mint will flourish in your garden and your main concern in growing it will be preventing it from spreading too much. Preferring full sun, mint can survive … More Helpful Herbs: Mint