Helpful Herbs: Mint

One of the most ubiquitous and easy to grow herbs, mint is a wonderful way to get started on a herb garden.  Helpful, fragrant, and requiring little attention, mint will flourish in your garden and your main concern in growing it will be preventing it from spreading too much. Preferring full sun, mint can survive … More Helpful Herbs: Mint

Helpful Herbs: Tarragon

A tasty herb to add to a kitchen garden with some unexpected health benefits, tarragon is certainly something to consider when putting together your garden.  Tarragon is closely related to sunflowers and this can be seen in its happy yellow flowers when left to blossom. Most often purchased as seedlings, tarragon can be grown from … More Helpful Herbs: Tarragon

Lighting Your Coop

There’s plenty of debate among chicken keepers as to whether or not to light their coops in the winter months.  This time of year the days are shorter and the temperatures are not getting any warmer, but does that mean you should consider supplemental light in your chicken house?  There are many reasons that chicken keepers … More Lighting Your Coop

New Ventures

My partner and I have been searching for property off and on for the past few years.  We have known that we wanted to expand our farm and take another step towards a different lifestyle.  With a limited budget and a few specific criteria, it took some time for us to find the perfect place. … More New Ventures