Writing Work


In addition to caring for the flock of chickens, gaggle of geese, colony of bees, and expanding gardens, I spend much of my free time doing freelance writing projects about my experiences and the things I’ve learned.  Here are links to some of my featured pieces:

I also am a featured blogger at Mother Earth News online, and my profile can be viewed here.  I post weekly blog entries there on a variety of topics including goose care and history, chicken keeping, and gardening.

I am also a regular contributor to Hobby Farms online, where my pieces on farming appear regularly.

You can look for more upcoming pieces from Grit magazine, Backyard Poultry magazine, and in the Maine Beekeeper’s Association‘s newsletter.

If you are interested in a piece for your publication, please email daysferryorganics@gmail.com.  My areas of special study include care for geese, top bar hive beekeeping, and vegetable gardening in Maine.