Helpful Herbs: Turmeric

Turmeric’s flavor is most commonly compared to mustard, its growing style is the same as ginger.  Though it won’t survive a cold winter, it can be grown indoors in a greenhouse year-round, or outside anywhere that temperatures don’t fall below 65 degrees for most of the year. Like ginger, Turmeric is started from a section of … More Helpful Herbs: Turmeric

Helpful Herbs: Columbine

The Columbine plant is a hardy wildflower that thrives in cooler climates.  Their unique flowers make a beautiful addition to any garden, and they are useful for their healing properties as well. Columbines’ flowers are bell-like and spurred, and their name is Latin for “dove” as the blossoms are said to resemble five doves clustered … More Helpful Herbs: Columbine

Helpful Herbs: Yarrow

A hardy perennial with fernlike leaves and clusters of aromatic flowers, Yarrow was is a wild flower with a rich history in healing.  The bright flowers of the Yarrow plant make it a pretty feature in any garden, and its resilience makes it easy to grow in many climates. Yarrow is usually started from seed and, since … More Helpful Herbs: Yarrow

Helpful Herbs: Tansy

Easy to grow, and thriving wild in almost any soil, tansy is one of the easiest herbs you can add to your garden and it will reward you with dozens of medicinal properties. The negative side of growing tansy is that it is an invasive plant, and will take over your garden if not carefully controlled.  A … More Helpful Herbs: Tansy