How to Make Pickles

We have enough cucumbers that I have done a few batches of pickles already.  We usually have about three cukes ready every day, which is about the right amount for one can of pickles.  Alternatively, we’ve also had our share of cucumber sandwiches, cucumbers and vinegar, and cucumbers in salad. I’m trying a few different … More How to Make Pickles

Some Harvesting

The garden is in full gear now.  It didn’t take me very long to eat up at all the snap peas.  As a kid, I used to sit with a book next to the snap peas for several hours: read a page, eat a pea, read a page, eat a pea.  My enthusiasm for garden … More Some Harvesting

Goslings Growing Up

I remain a supporter of geese as pets.  They are smarter than chickens and have more pronounced personalities, and if they are raised by and around people they not only break the aggressive stereotype, but can be downright friendly.  And so entertaining!  WordPress would not let me embed this video, but it is well worth … More Goslings Growing Up

Building Laid Out

Having taken down the building entirely, last weekend we laid out the skeleton on the lawn to see what pieces need replacement.  It’s surprising how small and simple a building is when it’s basics are laid out.  We have found only a few pieces that need replacement, the majority of it is in good shape … More Building Laid Out

Happy Chickens

Our chickens are settling in happy and healthy this time around.  Everyone gets along and the geese are even living with the hens for now.  They’ll eventually be too big for the coop but at the moment, it’s a big happy family.  The geese grow at an amazing rate, the bigger one is easily three … More Happy Chickens