Natural Bee Sting Remedies

If you keep bees you are going to get stung once and awhile.  What you might not know is that relief from bee stings is available from some unlikely sources.

Bees at a hive entrance.
Bees at a hive entrance.

If you do get stung, first make sure that you extract the stinger and clean the area.  Removing the stinger as quickly as possible will help reduce swelling and itching later on, but be careful that you do not leave any part of the stinger in the wound.  Most treatments will work best if applied immediately, although some will help to relieve itching the next day or days after.

After you’ve removed the stinger you can apply any of the following treatments to help with the pain and swelling.


Crush one or two cloves of garlic and hold them against the area for 10-20 minutes.  Make sure that the juices are released onto the wound.  This should help neutralize the poisons from the sting.


Parsley leaves will help to relieve the irritation of a bee sting.  Crush a clump of leaves and hold them to the wound, again for 10-20 minutes.  Make sure to use freshly cut parsley.  You can do the same with basil leaves.

A worker bee enjoying a chive blossom.
A worker bee enjoying a chive blossom.


One of the most effective remedies at reducing the swelling and pain of a sting, use ice against the area for 30-40 minutes for relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Best if used immediately after the stinger is removed, rubbing vinegar on the wound will help to soothe the sting.


One of the most popular cures for a bee sting, a drop of lavender essential oil on the sting will bring quick relief.  This remedy will help to neutralize the poisons and is one of the fastest working treatments.


Apis is the homeopathic remedy for a bee sting.  This treatment is used in homeopathy for many insect stings and other burning and itching pains.  Usually available as a small pellet to be taken orally, you can also find apis pastes to apply directly.


My personal favorite, honey can actually reduce the itching and swelling from a bee sting.  Apply a few drops to the area and leave on for an hour or so.  Do not use this remedy if you are allergic to bees.  This should help to soothe the systems and can be reapplied if they persist.

Bees busily working on comb in the hive.
Bees busily working on comb in the hive.

None of these remedies are a cure for a bee sting and if you being to experience any sort of serious reaction or are allergic to bee stings, please call your doctor.

The places you can find soothing relief for a bee sting can be surprising – sometimes you can even look back in the hive for help!

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4 thoughts on “Natural Bee Sting Remedies

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize so much could help with a bee sting. Something I’ve used in the past is plantain (the weed, not the banana like thing). Thanks for posting such a helpful list.

  2. When I camped out at CFC, I got NAILED by an underground hive of wasps? hornets? They chased me like 30 yards and stung me several times all up one leg. Those that know me know this is bad news. I’m not extremely allergic to stings in terms of anaphylaxis, but pretty sensitive disposition generally speaking. When I hit the parking lot I grabbed a fistful of plantain and crushed it in my palm and shoved it down the one pant leg, focusing it on where I could feel the most stings were. Then I went to Primo and tried to drink wine. Operative word being “tried”. My leg itched like crazy the whole week but the swelling wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been other times I’ve been stung. Good times.

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